Modern application of AI technologies.

Introduction: Upon mentioning the word AI (Artificial Intelligence) we could picture the images of Terminators that can destroy our planet automatically. But in reality, this phenomenon is quite different from a Marvel movie rather it is more positive in its outcome. Artificial Intelligence Technologies in real life are helping our planet to grow into a self-sufficient workplace which is benefitting us on so many levels. This blog is dedicated to this very fact and is going to discuss the beneficial elements used quite extensively. Artificial Intelligence is practically reshaping our understanding of the world with great resources that are excelling our boundaries as well.

Let’s discuss some significant areas where these AI technologies are used extensively:

  1. AI technologies in marketing: This could be comparable with the situation of the early 2000s when finding a product online can be quite laborious especially if do not know its exact name of it. But with today’s upgraded form of search engines, with some description of the product, we can find related search results pretty easily these days. The marketing business has always been sugar-coated and with the growing use of AI, it has become more efficient within a few years we could probably see accurate search results with a mere snap. As an example companies like CamFind and like these are experimenting with this already.
  2. AI technologies in the Banking sector: In the banking sector AI applications are growing faster than our imagination. For example, HDFC introduced EVA which is an AI-based software made by Bengaluru AI company or SBI’s YONO application that helps the customers worldwide. The use of AI for fraud prevention is not a new concept indeed but with today’s updated software system it has become much easier than ever.
  3. AI technologies in Finance: as we all know trading mainly relies on the ability to predict the future and for this venture people depend on the data scientist to determine the market future and Finance. AI has been used in this matter quite often with great and accurate results paving the AI to more sophisticated financing. One example of this kind of AI usage is s leading authority named ‘ Nomura securities’. Their goal is to analyse the insights of experienced stock traders with the help of computers.
  4. AI technologies in agriculture: due to some phenomena like climate change, population growth and food security concerns, we will be needing more food shortly which is only attainable if we use our resources smartly and carefully. Some world-renowned organizations are using AI on a great scale to detect the most resourceful ways to protect their crops. An example of this is Blue River Technology which has developed a robotic technology named see and spray that uses computer vision technologies like object detection to monitor and precisely spray pesticides on the cotton plants.

Other than the above-mentioned areas AI has been used in Healthcare, space exploration and even vehicle transport as well. Which is helping people worldwide with significant results. Not only in daily needs but also our source of entertainment has changed throughout the years due to the use of Artificial Intelligence . for example, entertainment with the help of various software and apps, has become more centralized and individualized. In healthcare, some devices like smartwatches or iwatches or Fitbit have become quite a helpful technological devices that are helping us in our well being.

Some AI tools that are used worldwide in different forms and cases-

  1. Natural language generation is a tendency of changing language into data for clear delivery of ideas through machines and humans. This belongs to the section of the sub-discipline of AI. It is mostly used in customer service, actually to create reports and market summaries for the consumers.
  2. Speech recognition is just like natural language generation is used to convert human speech from human understanding to computer-generated useful and comprehensive process of data value technically for machine understanding.
  3. Bio-metrics that helps with the recognition of physical understanding and body structure helps to identify a person. These AI has been used by various organizations from a school to universities to offices by replacing physical ID cards, especially after pandemic situations this tendency has surged over the place.
  4. Cyber Defence is one of the important parts not only for an organization but sometimes is important for the entire country. AI has been used in this case to detect or mitigate attacks and threats to the data and infrastructure of systems.
  5. Content creation, which is predominantly done by some individual people from different sector containing video edits to creative writing, the use of AI also enhances the qualities and improve the qualities by circulating data in a hassle-free manner.
  6. AI helps in automation from different areas. From finances to the business sector of individual people to huge companies. And due to that people have become more diverse and give their time to different works at the same time.
  7. Artificial Intelligence has been used in different types of technologies such as shopping and retailing from a different website to selling manufacturing products in different markets. Understanding sports analytics and activities are also important terms for AI.

Conclusion: with the above-mentioned data, we can conclude that knowing or unknowingly AI has become an inseparable part of our daily needs making our life much easier than we could ever imagine. As we have seen the hype around the usage of AI has increased in multiplication this could be considered as the new dawn of the new era which is changing drastically due to the use of these technologies. Our sci-fi idea of AI has been proved wrong quite a several times paving its path to glorifying humankind. Often AI technologies have been used by ingesting large amounts of labelled training data, which analyses the data for finding correlations and patterns, and by using these patterns to make predictions about future predictions. Artificial intelligence is been used in different sectors for our ease and secure our data as well.

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